Do You Want To Hide?

Do you ever want to just hide? Hide from family?  Hide from friends?  Hide from EVERYONE? 

There have been times I just wanted to get away by myself.  Maybe a hotel, or maybe a cabin somewhere peaceful and serene.  

What prompts us to feel this way?  Is it just the constant busyness and noise that is EVERYWHERE?

Is it responsibilities that we are so weary of? Is it the self inflicted expectation to be “on our game” or “on top of every situation”?

Maybe we just need to get more rest.  Maybe we just need to not schedule our lives so full.  (In other words, say NO more often).  I believe it can be all of the above and more.

I find that we as Christ follower’s (as I consider myself) can easily be overwhelmed with life because we forget to follow Christ.  Spending time with Jesus; in His Word, in prayer and committing to trust Him and obey Him takes away our need to hide.  His Word gives us enthusiasm for life and energy to live for Him.

Or is our desire to hide much deeper and more painful?

Are you hiding from GOD?

The Bible tells us that unconfessed sin is the reason we hide from God.  After Adam and Eve had disobeyed God in the garden, they hid themselves.  Genesis 3:9 The Lord asked, “where are you”?

God is asking that of us today.  Where are you?

God has provided a way for us to have a close personal relationship with him.  If you are hiding from God and need HIS unconditional love and forgiveness, Click Here.

Do you want to stop hiding from God today?  You can. I pray you do.

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