God Spoke To Me Today…

God spoke to me today.

He broke through my childish doubts with words of comfort and assurance.

“Hang in there; sit tight; stick to My course for your life.”

He said, “I will not let you down”.

He reminded me of how He cared for past saints, how He watched over them and kept them through their hours of suffering and uncertainty.

He reviewed for me my own life, His loving concern through the days of my youth.

He restated for me my commission and appointment, His trust in me as His servant in this sorry world.

He reiterated His gracious promises to stand by me, to empower and support me in the conflicts that await me.

I know that God is with me today ~ just as surely as He was with saints of old.

I have neither to fear nor to doubt the eternal love and presence of my Lord.

~ written by Leslie Brandt